With more than a decade of experience in this field and a qualified team of professional and experienced pest control experts, we are proud to have a list of satisfied clientele. Over the years, we have understood the demand of customers, learnt the best solutions and expertly tackled some of the nasty infestations.


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Bedbugs are everywhere; you can find them in the finest of hotels and the cleanest of homes. They love to feed on warm-blooded animals and humans that can cause extreme itching and sleepless nights.


The blood-sucking mosquitoes are infamous for spreading deadliest of diseases like malaria, dengue, brain fever, cerebral malaria and filariasis. And contrary to popular belief some of the mosquitoes feed during the daytime as well.


A common nuisance found in most homes and businesses, cockroaches can be tough to exterminate without professional help. Exposure to them can pose significant health risks like typhoid, dysentery and gastroenteritis.


The rapid breeding rodents in your home or business can be very dangerous. These little creatures are well known for carrying deadly diseases and contaminating food in the kitchen.


The rapid breeding rodents in your home or business can be very dangerous. These little creatures are well known for carrying deadly diseases and contaminating food in the kitchen.


Termites are known to be ’silent destroyers’ because they may be secretly hiding and thriving on the wooden furniture, wooden structures, shelves, books and more inside your home or office causing a great deal of damage.


Hiding behind the external unit of the air conditioner, or lounging in the bay areas of apartments or bungalows, some birds can be real nuisance to people. They can dislodge roof tiles, leave droppings, damage properties and transmit diseases.


Weeds are usually plants growing in the wrong places, which can cause crack in the walls and foundations causing great deal of damage to your property. Weeds can also affect the health of your plants in the garden.


When a group of bees decide to build a hive near apartments, homes or gardens, they can be of great danger to small children and pets. Even a slight disturbance to their hive can make them aggressive.



Best Service and Permanent Solution for Bedbugs

Extremely best service company. We got complete relief from Bedbugs. Which was unsolved by 2 other agencies. Earlier I tried with South India Pest Control and lost 2200/- Rs. and even terrible works of getting up cleaned. But finally choosing these guys, they sprayed minimum areas, I can say it was a tidy clean professional treatment. They charged Rs. 6000/- for two services and gave a one year warranty and AMC Contract. My suggestion is don't loose the money on investing on low cost service agencies. Go with these professional guys for Bedbug issues.


Overall Great Job and excellent service

Unique and Excellent Design. Nice and cost Effective selection of materials. Timely Supervision whenever required. Overall Great Job and excellent after sale service. All the work was flawless, amazing designs and good finishing as well. They have used all the branded materiel with branded hardware as specified. Even we had last minute changes which they have incorporated and delivered in 15 days. Great job guys. Keep going.


Awesome work with utmost satisfaction !!!

Finally after settling in a new house and with full satisfaction of being a proud owner wanted to pen down few words regarding my interior designers, and I wanted this review to be helpful for both my designers and for new home owners in short to get in touch with them for an astonishing work with in their permissive budgets.  


Had a very good experience with this vendor

Navigator responded quickly to my concerns. The technicians were very courteous, efficient and prompt they got right to work and solved my rodent problem. I highly recommend Navigator and would use them again for my future services.


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