Bees Control


Bees are usually peaceful creatures.But, when a group of bees decide to build a hive near apartments, homes or gardens, they can be of great danger to small children and pets. Even a slight disturbance to their hive can make them aggressive.
Despite the nuisance caused to people, bees are essential pollinators and are critical to the eco-system. Our technicians at Navigator are fully aware of this and this is why we remove the hives in an eco-friendly way without killing the bees. This approach not only solves your problem but also helps the bees survive in a better place.
Navigator Pest team ensures the control of the bees and also prevent you from future infestations.


  • The service is completely eco-friendly and our technicians ensure that the bees are not killed during the removal process.

  • Bees are protected by the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 which makes killing them illegal.

  • Bees are essential pollinators and are critical to the eco-system, which is why our experts would do their best to rehome the swarms.


  • We would first determine whether the insects are really bees, wasps or hornets.

  • We will then seal all the entry points within your property so the bees don’t get inside during the removal process.

  • Before beginning with the process, our technicians would send out a warning to the neighbourhood as well for precautions.

  • We will scout through the property to identify all the nests.

  • Our technicians may also request you to stay inside or evacuate the property depending upon the seriousness of the bee infestation.


Even though bees are important, they can pose a threat to your family, children and employees. Why not choose a service that promises to protect both you and the bees at all times?


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Excellent service for bedbugs

We had bedbugs problem in our home from past 3 years, remained unsolved even earlier getting treated with several other companies. Finally after making my research on internet, I found about these guys. They did an excellent job and their spray was minimum and they did not made a mess of wet like other pest control and we need not to vacant anything from wardrobes and main advantage was no need to wash any clothes after getting treatment done. They gave a guarantee of 1 year promptly in the form of certificate. Other pest control earlier gave a guarantee only writing on the bill manually and problems starts repeated after 3 months those people was escaping from calls.

Hence Navigator is good and best.


Bed Bugs treatment – Navigator Pest Control

Hi, I took Bed bugs treatment from Navigator Pest control and very satisfied with the timely service. I don’t have any bed bugs problem at home now. They have given a guarantee certificate, very professional. I have not seen any other pest control giving printed, stamped neat guarantee certificate. I had also referred them to my sister and she is also very satisfied.

Great Job keep it up Bhanu Prakash & Team.


Bed bugs gone!

We were harassed by BED BUG’s and these nasty parasite sucked the joy out of our life. I chanced upon reading a review over on ‘Mouthshut’. I had used PCI before I came to Navigator but, to no avail. don’t waste your money on other pest control agencies. I would blindly recommend Navigator to anyone and their GM Mr. Bhanu Prakash is one of the most professional, understanding and customer focused gentleman I have come across. It’s never money for them it’s how they can help u the best. Cheers to more homes getting clean of these parasites.

My best wishes for Navigator.


Complete Bedbug Solution – Real Professionals

Very effective treatment for Bed bugs. They really done the excellent Bed bug service job. I felt these guys are polite and trust worthy. They explained about the service job procedures well none of the other companies done that, other are only focusing on charges. Advantage of getting these guys treatment are so much because we don’t need to wash or rearrange items in our home after the treatment. Previously I took service with 7 different pest control companies, they spoiled our home by spraying every where. but no control on bugs but Navigator sprayed differently only at the infested areas and gave us one year guarantee certificate, these guys are real professionals and from past 8 months I didn’t find one single bed bugs in my home and there systematic service procedures are really appreciable and these guys are so trustful and I highly recommend this company. Ours is a 3BHK flat we took 2 round of services they charged Rs. 3500/- for each services. Totally it was Rs. 7000/-. They gave ONE YEAR Guarantee in the form of Certificate with One Year Contract Agreement.

Thanks Navigator.


Best Service and Permanent Solution for Bedbugs

Extremely best service company. We got complete relief from Bedbugs. Which was unsolved by 2 other companies. Earlier I tried with South India Pest Control and lost 2200/- Rs. and even terrible works of getting up cleaned. But finally choosing these guys, they sprayed minimum areas, I can say it was a tidy clean professional treatment. They charged Rs. 6000/- for two services and gave a one year warranty and AMC Contract. My suggestion is don’t loose the money on investing on low cost service agencies. Go with these professional guys for Bedbug issues.